We assimilate rigorous, data-based investigative methodologies, with innovative, empathetic and participatory techniques to generate superior solutions, actionable frameworks and sustained engagement.


OurĀ  methodologies are informed by the needs, desires, and aspirations of people who are customers to our client’s orgamizations or businesses. We take your business today to where you want to be in the future.

We Design and redesign new and existing products and services, that capture the needs of the people and solve their problems.

Each product and market opportunity is unique. We tailor our projects according to people’s needs, achieved through thorough people-centred research. Our product or service design or redesign is based on our assessment market requirements and the level of creative and technical innovations that are required to execute working solutions. These enhance sales and revenue.


Trendfort establishes an authentic conversation with the electorate, using proven high-fidelity people-centred methodologies.

We listen and decode their feelings, frustrations, ambitions, hopes and aspirations that serve to inform a future-proof precision campaign strategy..

We endeavour to proffer a competitive advantage through informed insights to selected candidates, by articulating their manifesto campaign messaging and dynamics to resonate with the voter on the ground in a manner that encourages active participation and ownership of the development agenda


Create and activate actionable framework for inclusive participatory Governance

Involves designing methodologies with which citizens are empowered to use the resources of the county by taking part in decisions about matters that directly concern them.

Consists of county sanctioned institutional processes that allow citizens to exercise voice and vote, which results in the implementation of public policies that produce positive changes in citizens

Offer research based contextual county needs assessment services and program implementation mechanisms

A systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions or “wants”, where results are deployed in the planning processes, for improvement in individuals, education/training, organizations, or communities.

Offer research based proposals for capacity building and innovation activities based on audit of available resources and infrastructure

Exploring a range of financial and technical instruments to support projects by enterprises, cooperatives and institutions in the county. Activities that cover all segments of the value chain including production, processing, financing, marketing etc, services and support functions, that help all participants in the process of value generation to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the people